Friday, June 5, 2009

The Fab Urban Chic Fringe Bag

I just love the feeling of creativeness and the urban chic created by the fringe bag. The material used is buttery soft with the bunch of tassel hanging around the side and creates motion that draws sophistication. If you love traveling, this bag is perfect for you as it provides plentiful space to put all your essentials. This is one of my recent favorite bag for now with a mixture of boho fringe. I ordered one grey suede at JJ Winters same as Vanessa Hudgens shown in the picture.

Vanessa Hudgens wearing the JJ Winters Grey Suede Fringe Bag

Taylor Swift jumping off the trend for the fringe bag from SL McFadin

Nicole Richie looks great with her Thomas Wylde "Ibiza" fringe bag that is a perfect
accompaniment for her boho-style look.

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